Fat Transfer (Fat Injections)

A youthful face is characterized by bright eyes, full cheeks and lips. As we age, our facial skin is affected by gravity, the loss of elasticity, and an overall loss of volume. This loss of volume often occurs in the cheeks, the lips, the temples or below the eyes. Loss of facial volume creates a hollow and haggard look, accentuating the appearance of aging.

Today, correction of this loss of volume can be performed by fat transfer to the face. Dr. Albert Fox performs fat injections to help correct hollow cheeks, sagging jowls, and deep cheek folds. Fat transfer can also be used for lip augmentation.

Where does the fat come from?

The fat is taken from your own hips, thighs or abdomen. It is then injected into the hollow areas of the face or is used to enhance the lips.

Fat transfer and fat injections can be performed with other cosmetic surgical procedures. Fat transfer provides a natural and long-lasting result.

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